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Species diversity is always hungry – We repair food chanis

Methods of field hygiene and landscape management have prevailed, in which plants may come to fruition on average, if this fruit is also harvested. Plants that are not used for cultivation can almost no longer reproduce, even in forests. Modern gardens increasingly look like cemetery gardening. Fallen fruit and dead biomass are becoming nature’s shortage items. The result is a frightening decline in species and varieties not only in nature – with the consequence of starving insects and other animals.

Our association has set itself the task of remedying this situation in harmony with modern land cultivation.

Especially with reintroduction of plants and animals we want to repair food chains.

In nature conservation, the impression often arises that the mere presence of man, and certainly every one of his activities, is harmful to his environment and to nature. But this is, of course, nonsense: Just as the nature of Europe has always been created in community with people through the ice ages, it can, of course, be revived today by the multitude of people.

It’s also easy to get the impression that there’s little an individual can do about species extinction and climate change. But that’s not true either: in our modern world, people live virtually everywhere, and if they are able to destroy everything, they can of course fix everything – everywhere.

Based on this, our association determines the necessary needs and tries to get people to help. For years, our association members have been working on the simplest measures that actually anyone can do. We have information stands, develop and test methods in our experimental facilities, produce seeds and plants, play with children and explain natural processes and relationships. At our stands, people can see and taste products made from rare plants and old fruit varieties, because we think the effort should be worthwhile for people

Of course, we have to talk to people on our travels, keep in touch with science and associations, we have to print brochures and flyers, we need seed bags and baskets for collecting and harvesting. All this makes work and costs money – and you can therefore support us by donating:

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But of course you can help in other ways. You can find out how on this homepage.. Or you can simply ask us.

Of course, you can plant or sow yourself. For this purpose, you can also get seeds or seedlings from us. Just write us an email to:

Just join us!

We repair food chains because species diversity is always hungry.